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maandag, december 10, 2012Nena

Say hi to my new beauty products! From time to time I need to buy some new beauty
products. I've tried a lot of brands but till now my favorite is Yves Rocher. I'm using the 
S├ębo Specific line for combined skin and I'm really positive about it. After that I also started
to buy the make up and sometimes the parfume. It's just easy if you don't have to buy 10
products at 10 different stores but just 1 brand at the same store. Yves Rocher isn't 
expensive at all and you always receive a few presents like the jewels, the parfume and the
 cure solutions cream this time.

Now I'm back to bed cause I don't feel well and I still have a lot to do (december is a busy month)

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