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zondag, april 19, 2015Nena /

Tartan red, jacket, wool, zara, brigh red, outfit, trends, street style, casual

Tartan red, check, jacket, asos basball top, marc b, dylan bag, cross body, street style
Checkered jacket, tartan, red, zara, tomato, cross body bag, ripped jeans
Tartan jacket, zara, cross body bag, marc b, ripped jeans, superga, camel, sneakers, fashion, trends 2015
Cross body, dylan bag, marc b, close up, how to wear, fashion, belgian blogger
Belgium, belgian blogger, mode blogger, marc b bag, tartan jacket
High socks, sport socks, superga, sneakers, camel, street style, fashion, outfit
My most comfortable items and my favorite style mixed in one outfit. My most worn jeans already survives for almost 7 years - it wasn't even ripped went I bought it :'). My mom hates it and I love it! In combination with my tartan jacket and my Superga sneakers, this outfit felt so comfortable! I'm also very happy with my new bag, it's the perfect in between size for every outfit. 

TOP asos
JEANS zara
SNEAKERS superga
BAG marc b

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  1. Staat je fantastisch, deze outfit!
    Zou je niet zeggen, dat die broek al 7 jaar oud is!

    XO Imke //

  2. Dankje! Haha anderen zien het niet, maar ik weet stiekem wel dat de scheuren erin door slijtage komen en niet omdat ik ze zelf heb gemaakt :D

  3. Haha, shhh, no one has to know ;) XO