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zaterdag, oktober 13, 2012Unknown

Like a lot of bloggers I also have instagram. I don't have an iphone but a blackberry
 so it's not that easy for me cause instagram doesn't work on a blackberry. What do I 
do to use instagram? I do have an itouch so I send the photos from my blackberry 
to my itouch and upload them on instagram. It  takes a little more work but I get used to it. 

- An outfit which I haven't show you yet. Keep an eye on my blog!
- Wearing my neon Vans, I don't wear them that much cause they hurt a lot (they're not 
that comfortable like all the people say).
- Why watching a football game outside if I can read Vogue at the canteen?
- Elephant parade at Hasselt! You can see a lot of painted elephants over there, love it!
- Needed inspiration for my project so went the whole day to the library.
- My skull top, love it but it's too cold to wear it now :(
- Calamaris! I'm a huge fan!
- Still love the sunset background of this picture.
- Oh I've made the crooked door of my boyfriends cupboard ! Close enough, right?

You can follow me on instagram here or by searing my name: turnitinsideout

Now I'm going to enjoy the rainy day (not).

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  1. I love this outfit!
    New post:
    XX, Raquel

  2. i really love all your pics :)

  3. Chicks AboutFashion13 oktober 2012 om 16:53

    Gaaf shirt!


  4. fine pics honey !
    XX Luba Well Living Blog
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  5. Lovely blog! I adore

    I just started
    following you on GFC and Bloglovin! It would mean the world to me if you return
    the love back to me!

    Have a great weekend and
    continue the great work!


  6. Great photos! I love the camouflage elephant!
    If you like it, follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. i love a camo elephant with che guevara on it. so awesome.

    hugs, Vanessa

  8. Beautiful pictures! :D I like the one with the sunset! :D

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  9. Ik heb pas over een paar weekjes weer instagram (kapotte phone), maar dan ga ik je volgen! Leuk die achterkant van dat doodshoofd shirt x

  10. Wauw, super gaaf! Vooral dat shirt!

    I'm hosting a giveaway sponsored by Doortje Vintage, are you in?

  11. Leuke diary!
    X Petra